"...A High-tech Brain with the Patience of a Mother"


techmommy knows that this fast-paced, high-tech world can be a constant source of frustration for everyday computer users. System crashes, aging hardware, Windows 8, Blackberrys, Skype,Twitter, e-mail problems, broken wireless networks, managing files, Facebook, can drive a sane person mad.
Blogging, spyware, downloading e-mail attachments, Gmail, cable modems, monitoring young people's computer use, where does it end! It takes a lot to be a safe and savvy computer user in 2014.

But, the fact is, from text messaging to Instant Messaging, from snapping digital photos to storing them on an external hard drive, our lives are completely computerized. Blackouts, lack of replacement batteries, and data loss cause typically rational people to come unglued. But that is why techmommy exists! With the same warmth, caring, endless patience of a mother, and the technological expertise that comes with over 17 years in the computer industry, techmommy will see you through your toughest PC challenges.



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